9353-0 Vialle Stepper Motor ASSEMBLY

Genuine Vialle Stepper Motor ASSEMBLY to suit Ford Falcon EF and EL Tickford Dual Fuel and Aftermarket.


The stepper motor is used to control the LPG flow from the converter to the engine.  This stepper motor is driven by the vehicle’s PCM (power Train Control Module) and is used to control the Fuel economy and emission output from the engine.  If the stepper motor isn’t working you will experience higher than normal fuel usage and minimise the environmental benefits of using LPG.  The Stepper Motor Assembly has the stepper motor integrated into the plastcis adapter and is suitable for Ford Falcon EF and EL Dual Fuel and Aftermarket conversion vehicles only. 

Your stepper motor comes with the following new items.

1 – 9353-0                            Vialle Stepper motor

2 - OR19X2                          Oring x 1