5973-3A Converter

Genuine Vialle converter to suit Ford Falcon EGAS BA/BF/FG


With over 100000 Ford Falcon EGAS vehicles in the field this is by far the most successful LPG product introduced into the Australian market.  Ford achieved Euro3 emission with the Vialle converter and has proven a robust and reliable converter for use in Australian conditions.  The production of this vehicle has helped produce the large LPG infrastructure of bowsers, equipment suppliers and licensed LPG mechanics throughout Australia.

Your converter comes with the following new items.

1. 5973-3A Vialle converter including 2 lock off solenoids and 1 prime solenoid
2. 30Z-11-0687 Brass inlet fitting
3. 6369-0 Water fittings including orings


*Please note that the stepper motor is sold separately (see Stepper Motor page)